YUVsoft Frame Rate Conversion Demo 1.0

YUVsoft Frame Rate Conversion Demo 1.0: High quality increase of video frame rate using YUV FRC This is a demonstration of frame rate increase using YUV FRC technology. An original algorithm ensures competitive high quality of interpolated video owning to sophisticated processing of motion data. The conversion factor is an arbitrary integer number defined by a user. Hiqh-quality and high-speed modes are supported. The demo can process AVI files of 720x576 resolution or below, enabling processing of typical SIF and SD video content.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Process Images - resize, add borders, overlay text, and/or rotate/flip images
Multiple Image Resizer .NET

Multiple Image Resizer .NET allows you to process individual images or folders of images. You can resize, add borders, crop, overlay text, overlay/underlay images and rotate/flip images. MIR .NET handles a variety of input and output image formats. Includes batch image processing via command line using scripting language, multi-core processor support to speed up image processing, multi language interface, and full help documentation.

photos, photo, flip, resizer, watermark, picture, images, crop, processor, image resizer, image, border, resize

A Webmaster Thumbnail Cruncher 2.3: Process pictures into thumbnails. Web Masters this is a must have utility!
A Webmaster Thumbnail Cruncher 2.3

Process a list of full size images into thumbnail pictures. Easily set the thumbnail picture size along with automatic renaming options. Auto landscape resizes thumbnails if the source image is wider than it is tall. Save thumbnails in the original location or browse for a destination file path. Preview thumbs while processing. Start processing images so you can do more important tasks. A real time saver. Web Masters this is a must have program!

web page maker, webmaster, picture processing, thumbnail processing, web site, utilities, make thumbnails, page maker, thumbnails, picture, thumbnail, images, create thumbnails

Ace RGBmachine 1.0: With our exclusive color correction engine you can edit upto 20 shots per minute
Ace RGBmachine 1.0

processing reminds reloading in automatic weapon: as soon as you have finished with one image, another is available for processing. Certainly, you may skip unnecessary images during processing. The color correction engine is not as simple as easy to use. Assume that you wish to increase contrast of an image. It often cause losses in shadows and highlight. There are no direct losses in Ace RGBmachine. It gently operates with local contrasts of an

photo software, photography, photo, edit, print, imaging, digital photo, color, free, editing, professional, machine, photo editor

MSU Cartoon Restorer 2.0beta: Free filter for quality improvement of compressed video. Uses GPU for speedup
MSU Cartoon Restorer 2.0beta

The filter is designed for quality improvement of compressed cartoons like video by removing ringing artifacts. Ringing noise preferably manifest itself around edges due to coarse quantization. Filter is intended for recovering quality of video after decompressing by H.261, H.263, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX 3, DivX 4, XviD) and H.264 (x264). Can use GPU processing mode for several algorithms that decreases processing time significally.

plugin, low bitrate, gpu video processing, virtualdub, cartoons, video, anime, artifact, gpu video, compressed video, ringing, deringing, enhancement

TX Text Control rich text editor 12.0: Royalty-free, high end rich text editor.
TX Text Control rich text editor 12.0

TX Text Control rich text editor is a royalty-free word processing control that offers developers a broad range of word processing features in one reusable component.

headers, word processing components, footers, tables, hyperlinks, numbered lists, html, unicode, localized dialog boxes, bullets, the imaging source, royalty free, word processing

TweakMarketing Advanced Email Parser 1.27: Processing and extracting data from incoming E-mail messages.
TweakMarketing Advanced Email Parser 1.27

Advanced Email Parser is a powerful and user-friendly system for email processing automation which enables you to: processing of order forms received via e-mail, automatic email report saving into a database, sorting and redirecting of e-mail message flows, mailing list compilation, creating of automatic answering services, intellectual email autoresponder and more as you can imagine!

parse, parser, automated, advanced, email, extracting, autoresponders, business, incoming, mail, processing, e mail, email parser

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